About Us

Khoury Tires lebanon excels in the process off accumulating a variety of high quality tires of well-known brands. With characteristics of long-term durability and sustainability, you will acquire the highest product performance. Our first-rate tires ensure that you will attain an ample amount of driving satisfaction.

Our company was established in 1963, under the name of its founder: Joseph Y. El Khoury EST. At that time we were sole agents for international brands across Europe, USA and Korea.
Through the 15 dark years of civil war that hit the country, from 1975 and until 1990, the company endured and fought to maintain a steady level of accomplishment.

In 1992, after the war dwindled down, our company embarked on a new mission of starting a retail business. Our main aim was staying close to our clients and innovating to meet their needs.
In 1996, our company was prospering in both divisions of the business. A second branch was established in Jeita, Lebanon.
In 2004, the company continued blossoming and on that account, a third branch in Dora was launched to operate on finer and larger scopes.
In 2007, as business was booming at its highest peak, the company grew bigger and the name changed to Khoury Tires lebanonCompany SARL.

Today, Khoury Tires lebanon Company is one of the leading Lebanon-based companies in retail and wholesale. The branches across Lebanon have given the company an opportunity to advance in the work field and form a strong network of connections.

Our mission is to continue building solid relationships with our suppliers and clients as we continue advancing and prospering.

Dora/Main road
Tel: +961 01 248 489
Jeita/Main road
Tel: +961 09 233 482